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Admiral Bread Machine Review

Admiral make a range of kitchen appliances, and a few years ago they added a handful of bread machines to this lineup. These were discontinued quite some time ago, so these particular models are quite hard to find nowadays except on Ebay and occasionally on Amazon. The Admiral ZOJ 44510 was one of the more popular models, and this is one of the models that a website visitor requested we look at. So how does it fare? Let’s take a look at it.

Product Features:
It is quite tough to analyze these older models in 2014, mainly due to the fact that they do look quite dated in this day and age where stainless steel and slick black models rule the roost. However in this review we will try not to judge the model too harshly based on that. With that out the way, let us start by having a quick look over the design. The design of this machine is somewhat typical of an early 2000’s model. It comes in a primarily white color, which features silver trim around the lid of the unit. The control buttons are on the top right side and are all well defined and pronounced. Above the baking tin is a viewing window which also has a silver trim. Also on the top is quite a hefty warning label which cautions against a few do’s and don’ts which does ruin the look a little in our opinion. Aside from that the design is not too eye-popping, but again this is true with most models from this period so it is hard to knock off too many points on that basis.

This particular model is quite limited in what it can do compared to some of the models currently available on the market. There are recipes modes for basic bread, quick baking, mixed bread, whole grain bread and dough. There is a timer mode built into this device which can be set for up to 13 hours in advance. The menus are easy to navigate and there should be no need to refer to the user manual to get it up and running. Cooking times seem to vary from around two hours for the fast bake mode to almost four hours for theĀ  main bread recipes. Once the machine starts a cooking cycle the red led will light up to let you know it is operational. If you are making a form of bread that requires additional ingredients then the machine will beep around 40 minutes into the cooking cycle to let you know it is time to add them in.

The Admiral ZOJ 44510 bread machine produces a range of well cooked bread, so there is certainly nothing to fault it on in that regard. Users have reported a variety of positive results when baking bread with this model. However it can only make one size loaf of bread which is the larger 2lbs size. This is a single blade model, although we do know that Admiral made a different twin blade model too. The baking tin has a nonstick coating so the finished cooked product should be easy to remove. There are two accessories included with this particular model which are the measuring cup and spoon. A recipe book is also included which comes with a variety of different recipes to try out. This is definitely one of the highlights of this package, as it includes a large range of recipes to test out.
We don’t actually know what the warranty period is one this particular model, but since they were discontinued years ago it is not something to be concerned about as most Admiral models will only be available second hand now. In addition we cannot find the original retail price of this model so we can’t say if it was expensive or cheap at the time of availability.

User Manual: If you are looking for this Admiral bread machine manual you can download it from our site over here.


  • Works well
  • Includes accessories
  • Nonstick bake tin
  • Nice recipe book


  • Bland design
  • Limited recipes

Since we don’t know what this machine cost, or what the warranty period we are in a bit of a tough spot here. On one hand it is quite solidly built and reportedly works well, but it is a little limited in features. For that reason we think three stars is a fair compromise in this case. However if you are desperate to get your hands on an Admiral bread maker, auction sites such as Ebaywill probably be the only place you may find one.

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