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Silvercrest Bread Maker Review

Silvercrest make an affordable range of appliances, and their Silvercrest bread machine range is one that has caught the eye of many people. The SBB 850 EDS A1 model is one of the more popular units available so this is what we will be having a look at below. This bread machine is primarily found in the UK, as it was found for sale around £34.99 which made it a very enticing buy for many people. But with such a budget price tag, is it really a good purchase? Find out more below.

Product Features:
To begin with lets take a closer look at the design of this unit. The 850 model is a unique and modern looking bread maker which will fit at home in any kitchen. The design of the unit is primarily black, while the lid and top of the unit features a stainless steel trim. The lcd is a little on the small side, so you may have to lean in a bit to see what is currently selected. The lcd has a blue back-light which makes for quite a nice contrast against the chrome and black. On the lid is a large viewing window so you can keep an eye on the progress. This model has a variety of different settings and recipes to choose from. There are roughly 12 of these in total including brown bread, gluten free and wholewheat bread. There are also the options to make pasta dough or even jams which is a nice bonus. The buttons are easy to use and the menu to select the different recipes is quite straightforward.

This model can make 3 different loaf sizes including small (750g), medium (1000g) and large (1250g). Once your baking program has been set, you will see the small red led below the main lcd light up to let you know the machine is currently active. Once the machine is in use, the current task it is doing will be displayed to the left of the lcd. Should you be making a kind of bread that requires ingredients to be added at a later stage, it will beep to let you know when you should add these ingredients. Once the cooking stage is finished, you can remove the bread using the handle built into the loaf pan. You should use oven mitts at this stage as the pan can still be quite hot. The loaf pan has a nonstick coating so the resulting cooked item should slide out easily.

Cooking times are somewhat average with this particular model. You should expect in the range of two or three hours if you are looking for a dark crust form of bread. There are no express settings here, so keep this in mind. Opinions on this machine seem to be in agreement regarding how well the bread comes out – almost all the reviews we have come across have been positive. Reports of undercooked or overcooked bread are nowhere to be found with this model, so the great performance of this model is certainly a good advantage of it.Included with this model are a few accessories such as a measuring jug, measuring spoon and the dough hook removal tool. The dough hook removal tool is quite handy to have in case the dough hooks get caught in the bread. Something that is worth mentioning is that you do have the option to remove the bread hooks after the final kneading phase, so this is one way to stop the dough hooks getting lodged in the bread. This nifty little tool allows you to unhook the paddles and pull them free without having to damage the bread loaf too much! A recipe book is also included which gives you many different options to test out. This unit comes with a three year warranty for peace of mind.

User Manual / Recipe Book: You can find a copy of the user manual over here, and a copy of the recipe booklet over here.


  • Looks good
  • Well priced
  • Works well
  • 12 different recipe options
  • 3 year warranty


  • Dough hooks tend to get stuck in the bread often

If you are after a very affordable bread machine, then the Silvercrest bread maker should be one of your first choices. It looks great, has a variety of options, and gets the job done. At the end of the day, what more do you really need from a bread machine?

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