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Kitchen Pro Bread Maker Review

With a company history dating back over a century, Regal Ware is a common name in the cooking industry. They are well known for their range of American Made products, so many people trust their brand name. A few years ago they released a range of bread makers, which have since been discontinued. One of the more popular models in this product range was the K6745S, otherwise known as the Kitchen Pro Super Rapid bread maker which is quite a mouthful! This is what we are going to look at today in this review, so how does this older model compare to the machines we can buy today? Lets talk about that below.

Product Features:
As usual we start off by looking at the design of this model. Like most bread makers from this time period the unit is a glossy white color. The entire unit is a rectangular shape, and it features the logo on the front side.  The top of the machine has a normal sized viewing window, and there are vents behind this. On the top right is the control panel, which has all the built in recipes on top for easy access. The lcd is in the center, although it is a little on the small side. Below this are the main control buttons including the Timer buttons, Select buttons and the Start and Stop buttons.

These buttons all respond with a beep when pressed, and the main controls are all quite easy to navigate with the lcd menu. This is a horizontal bread maker so it is a bit longer than the cheaper vertical bread makers, but this is true of all horizontal bread makers. Overall it is not a bad design, but in this day and age it is looking a bit old now compared to new models.

Now lets talk about some of the features this machine has. The K6745S can make two different loaf sizes including the medium 1.5 lb and 2lb sizes, and these are made in the standard store size shape thanks to the horizontal loaf tin. The baking tin is nonstick coated, although there is no mention of whether or not it is dishwasher friendly. A single paddle mixes the ingredients, which is a little strange since most horizontal bread makers take advantage of the larger baking tin by utilizing dual paddles. There is no mention of what size motor powers this unit, although the sticker at the back does say 720W so we are assuming this is the motor size. There are 11 built in recipes on this model including Super Rapid, Basic, Whole Wheat, French, Sweet, Quick Bread, Dough, Whole Wheat Dough, French Bread Dough, Jam and Bake Only.

The timer can delay the cooking for up to 15 hours which is quite good, but bear in mind that you should not use fresh ingredients such as milk or eggs when delaying for long periods of time. We should also mention that this model does not have a cool touch exterior, so you must take care when the machine is baking the bread. Once the baking process is complete the machine will beep three times to indicate this, however there is no Keep Warm functionality so you should remove the bread as soon as possible to prevent it from getting soggy.

So how well does this model perform? The cooking times are fairly ordinary, so don’t expect too many surprises here. The claimed Super Rapid mode takes 69 minutes in total for both 1.5 lb and 2lb loaves. However this is still a little slower than some of the Rapid modes on competing models which can take as little as 58 minutes. To give you an idea of some more cooking times, the 2lb Basic light takes 3 hours in total, while the 2 lb Whole Wheat medium recipe takes 4 hours and 20 minutes. These are more or less in line with any other model, so no big advantages or disadvantages here.

As for performance, it is a bit tough to get a comprehensive report since this is quite an old model. There have been quite a few user reports of this particular unit however, and they are nearly all positive. The finished product is said to taste very nice, and the texture is said to be very good (assuming you use the regular bread recipes instead of the super rapid one). Despite the single paddle, many people have said that it mixes the ingredients very well. There was one report of the nonstick coating peeling off, however this particular user had claimed to use a metal fork to lever the bread out which is something you should never do with a nonstick coating. Aside from that no major issues have been reported about this model, so it seems like it does a good job if you are looking for a simple bread maker.

So that is a brief look at the Regal Ware Pro Kitchen bread maker. It is quite dated now, and it does lack a few common features found nowadays. With that in mind it is hard to really recommend it in this day and age, especially since they are hard to find. However if you do get one as a hand me down, then it will certainly make a decent basic loaf of bread.

User Manual: A scanned copy of the user manual can be found on the Regal Ware Site.


  • 11 recipes
  • Makes horizontal loaves
  • Easy to use


  • Looks dated
  • No Keep Warm
  • Super Rapid recipe is slower than Rapid recipes on competing models

The Kitchen pro bread maker is quite dated now, and does lack some modern features. However if you find a very cheap one at a second hand store, then it will do well for making basic loaves of bread. You can find more info on this product over at the Amazon product page.

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