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Mr Coffee Bread Maker Review

Mr Coffee came into existence in the early 1970’s, and the company expanded their range of coffee related products into several kitchen appliances in the early 1990’s. Around 1994 or 1995 they added a breadmaker to their product lineup. As far as we are aware this is the only one they manufactured, and it was known as the Mr Coffee BMR200 bread maker. Was it a worthwhile purchase, and is it still any good in this day and age? Keep reading to find out more.

Product Features:
As usual we start off by examining the design of this model. First impressions aren’t particularly good, as the design has certainly not held up too well over the years. It is matt white in color, but the design certain looks quite dated in 2014. The logo is on the front, and top of the machine above the control panels. The top of the machines features a large viewing window, and the main controls are on the top right of the machine. The controls are quite basic, and no one should have any trouble figuring out how to operate this model. There are vents on the side of the machine, and the BMR200 is more or less an average size compared to other bread machines that were made around this period. Aside from that there isn’t really too much worth nothing on the design, aside from saying that it has not held up well. This model can make three different loaf sizes including small 1lbs, medium 1.5lbs and large 2lbs. The baking tin is a vertical variety, so if you want to make “standard” shape bread loaves then you will need to look elsewhere. The tin and paddle are both coated with a nonstick coating although there isn’t any mention of what kind it uses. There is no mention of the tin being dishwasher friendly, so we can safely assume it isn’t.

However cleaning this model is quite straightforward, and this is done using a sponge and a bit of soapy water. Once it is dry it simply clicks back into place. This model runs using a single paddle, however we aren’t too sure what size motor powers it unfortunately. There aren’t too many recipes to choose from, so this is quite a basic bread maker in comparison to many others from that time period. There is the basic bread recipe, whole wheat, french, sweet and dough. Cooking times average around 4 hours or so for bread recipes, which is fairly unremarkable. Aside from the recipes there is also a built in timer, which can be set up to 12 hours in advance. If you are baking a type of bread that requires additional ingredients, then the machine will beep eight times to indicate that it is time to add them in.

So how well does it actually work? From what we have read, it seems to work ok. It is quite a rare model these days, so it is hard to get a general opinion of how good it actually is. Remember that this model is a little over 20 years old now, and was phased out a few months after it’s release. But we have read some reports of this model still being used today, so it seems we can at least say it is somewhat reliable. The other reports we have come across said the bread made in it was quite tasty, so that is all we can really say at this point. Compared to more recent models there is very little user feedback about the Mr Coffee bread maker, so it is hard to really recommend this one due to lack of info on it. From what little info we have gathered it sounds like it works ok.
So that is the Mr Coffee breadmaker in a nutshell. It does look somewhat dated now, but from what we can gather it does work without any major hassles or complaints. If you find one for sale at a yard sale, it should serve you well for basic bread recipes.

User Manual: If you want the user manual you can find it available over here.


  • 3 loaf sizes
  • Large viewing window
  • Easy to use


  • Looks dated
  • Not dishwasher friendly

The Mr Coffee bread machine is looking somewhat old now, but according to reports it still works well as a bread machine. If you are looking for one of these then you will certainly only find one on Ebay or in a second hand store.

Our Rating:

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  1. Cassidy

    My parents received one of these as a wedding gift in 1995. When my husband and I moved in together in 2013, my dad gave it to me. The hinge on the lid is broken, but it still makes amazing bread – just have to make sure it’s closed properly before I start the machine. I’ve thought about buying a more dated looking machine that matches the rest of our stuff, but it still works and it’s not always sitting on the counter.

    1. admin

      Hi Cassidy, thanks for your response! The old Mr Coffee machines may seem a little out of place in 2015, but we have heard similar stories of them still functioning well even after 20+ years of use which is quite something. I’d hang onto that one if I were you, especially if it still works with a broken hinge 🙂 Certainly goes to show how great the build quality was on some of these older models.

  2. Tj

    I got my Mr. Coffee Breadmaker in February, 1997…when my son was born. It has had heavy use. It recently had its first issue which I believe is a bad heating element. Should I fix it ir buy something else?

  3. Dan

    3-21-2020 “The Breadmaker by Mr, Coffee” is still working well and no broken parts. Yes, the hinge for the lid is always handled carefully, as it never looked robust.
    Pros: Performance is fine. Used all the settings over the years, but the favorite is #9 for making dough that I may remove and bake as I choose. Love the delay start function, but usually I am on let’s make bread now mode. My first break maker did not have delay, so I gave it to my brother.
    Cons: Seems to knead the heck out of the dough. Machine almost stalls if I use added wheat gluten to get more “chew” for some breads.
    I ran out of rye bread, so I have “The Breadmaker” running now. I stuck to the recipe this time, and it is a bit stiffer than I usually see, but historically mine have been to soft and tend to flatten when on pan fr final rise before baking.

  4. Dan

    Keep it. Just use #9 setting and bake the rolls or bread in the oven.

  5. T

    It’s the year 2020, and I’ve purchased this model and brand breadmaker earlier in the year at a second- hand store. Great machine! I’ve used a newer Sunbeam breadmaker and a newer Cuisinart breadmaker and I wasn’t pleased with their output (Sunbeam had a rough top to the bread so it wasn’t getting mixed to form a ball and bake smoothly like my Mr Coffee one) or their noise (Cuisinart sounded like a off-balance washing machine even when everything was properly in place). Very happy with the durability of this Mr Coffee breadmaker, no matter how old it is in comparison to the others.

    1. Pris Heniquez

      Do you have a recipe book for this machine?

      1. Brian

        Basic recipe: 1 cup water, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbs sugar, 2 tsp yeast, 1 tbs oil, 3.25 cups flour.

  6. Sandra

    My mom got one from a friend she can’t seem to find the recipe book anywhere. Does anyone know if you can get a free download?

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