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Sensio Bread Machine Review

Sensio is a rather new brand name on the market, and they have been providing cost effective kitchen appliances since their formation in 2003. They sell quite a few different appliances, and bread makers are one of their newer products. Having released a few different models over the years, it is time for us to look at one of the more popular choices in their product range – the Sensio XBM-1028. This is a economical bread maker which comes with a enticing price tag, but is it really worth the price? More on that below.

Product Features:
To begin with we take a look at the design of this particular model. Now the very first thing we noticed about this model is that it looked quite familiar, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was similar to. A quick Google search for the model number brought up some interesting results, and helped us establish exactly why it looked so familiar. This model seems to be a generic model produced in China, and is sold to various different manufacturers who then simply slap their own brand name label on it. In other words this XBM-1028 is can also be found as a “Donlim XBM-1028” or a “Hiles XBM-1028”. Now this is a somewhat common practice in the industry, so we can’t take too many points away from Sensio.
We aren’t exactly sure when this model was released, but we would guess around 2007 or 2008. The design of the unit still looks quite good today, and it has held up well. The main unit is a glossy white color, which features a large viewing window on top. The entire unit is oval in shape, and the main controls are on the top right of the machine. These are all well labelled and easy to use. Above the buttons is the lcd area which features a nice silver trim, but it is a little on the small side. Lastly we have the summarized recipe list on top of the lcd area which is a nice touch. The machine is not too large, and the dimensions are 12.5″W x 11.25″L x 12.5″H. Overall it is a decent design, and there is certainly nothing to really complain about.

Now let’s move onto the features of this machine. The Sensio bread machine features 12 different recipes including basic, french, wholewheat, quick, sweet, ultra fast 1, ultra fast 2, dough, jam, cake, sandwich and bake. That is a decent selection for a budget machine, and there are also three different crust types to pick from including light, medium and dark. The XBM-1028 can make two different loaf sizes including the small 1lbs and the medium 1.5lbs. The built in timer allows you to have your bread ready up to 13 hours in advance, which is great for those of you who like to wake up or arrive home to a fresh loaf of bread. Powering this model is a 600watt motor, which should be sufficient to cope with most recipes and dough textures. The loaf pan is the vertical kind, and this is covered in a nonstick coating. There is no mention of what type of nonstick coating this model uses, but reports have been good so far about the durability of it. The manual does state it should only be cleaned with a damp cloth though, so we certainly would not recommend putting it in the dishwasher. Other features worth mentioning are the 60 minute Keep Warm function, which is useful if you often run late but still want your piping hot bread! Another feature we should also mention is the 15 minute memory span, which will retain the current state of operation if the machine is accidentally unplugged or if your power trips.

Lastly we look at the overall performance of the Sensio XBM-1028. Since this machine is primarily sold in the Far East, it is quite hard to find them in the United States. However we have read many different user reviews of this particular model, and most people seem to be happy with the performance of the machine. The ultra fast cooking modes can bake a loaf in about an hour which is impressive, while the standard bread recipes seem to range about 3.5 hours or so which is fairly average. The majority of the reviews have been content and pleased with the finished product, with praise going to both the taste and texture of the baked bread. So it looks like this machine does do an acceptable job of making bread.
Including with this model are a measuring cup, measuring spoon, paddle retrieval hook and quite a nice recipe book. While this machine is not very innovative or groundbreaking, it does seem to be a decent choice if you are looking for a average bread maker. The Sensio XBM-1028 comes standard with a 1 year warranty.

User Manual: * link removed* Unfortunately the user manual has been removed from the website we found it on. If anyone has a backup copy, please get in touch!


  • Economical
  • 12 different recipes
  • 15 minute memory
  • Works well


  • Hard to find locally

If you are looking for an economical bread maker, the Sensio bread maker may be a good choice. They are a bit hard to find in the United States, but if you do find one then it should serve you well. These occasionally pop up for sale on Ebay, so it is worth a look there if you are keen to buy one.

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  1. Paquita Miranda

    I need the user manual- please

    1. Superuser

      Unfortunately it looks like the site where it was hosted has now removed the link. We never made a backup copy of the manual, and it seems like there is no other one available anywhere online 🙁 If anyone has another copy, please get in touch so we can rehost it!

    2. Sandi

      I recently picked up this machine at a thrift store and I have the manual.

      1. Superuser

        Thanks Sandi. How many pages is the user manual? Is there any chance you could upload it?

        1. Renee

          Hi there, were you able to get a copy of the manual?

          1. Superuser

            Unfortunately not. I’ve contacted Sandi above via email, so will see if she gets back to me. Stay tuned!

      2. hazel benn

        I just bought one from goodwill. A copy of the manual will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

    3. Tracy

      Did you ever find a manual? I’m looking for one also.

  2. Daisy

    Can anybody be gracious enough to share the manual as I am unable to get it from anywhere…

    1. Renee

      Hi Daisy, Did you find the manual? Thanks.

  3. gina smith

    where can you get a user’s manually at for the sensio

    1. Sila

      Thanks!! I have this model 😀

    1. Superuser

      Thanks for commenting Fransisco. That is quite interesting, as both of the models you linked above look almost identical to the Sensio. Unfortunately I don’t have the model any more. Maybe someone else who owns it can take a look at the above manuals and see how it matches up? From what I can tell the buttons and recipes look the same.

  4. Robin Steinberg

    I have the instruction manual and will be happy to scan and upload it. What email address should I send it to?

    1. Superuser

      Hi Robin – apologies for the late reply, it seems like my website is playing up and not notifying me when people comment unfortunately. If you could scan it and perhaps provide a google drive or onedrive link that would be fantastic, then I could upload it to the site and host it here. I’m sure many people would be very grateful for your efforts 🙂

    2. Priscilla Trivino

      I know it has been 2 years but by any chance do u still have that manual. If you do my email address is I would really appreciate it.

  5. natalie

    Need a Sensio bread machine manual model #XBM138-D
    Need manual too

  6. jillian myers

    I would love to have a copy of the manual for the Sensio bread machine. Anyone have one they could share?

  7. Debbie

    I bought one at a garage sale today and need the recipe book. Any ideas where I can buy one

  8. Tracy

    I need a manual also. Does anyone know if it was uploaded? HELP!!!! My diet is requiring fresh bread with extra butter!!

  9. Helen Marie Richeal


  10. Priscilla Trivino

    Did anyone ever get this manual

  11. Vicki

    Just picked up a Sensio bmx-1028 @a resale shop for $10. Got home to look it over n it has never been used. Paddle still sealed in
    with measuring cup, n measuring spoon. Sad there is no manual. But, i was lucky n fou nd an electric bread cookbook. Its universal. They made more than 4,000 test loaves to develop their recipes. Copy right 1991. Regular loaf- tested Magic Mill, Maxim, Mr. Loaf, National, Panasonic, Regal, Sanyo, Welbilt. Large Loaf – Dak, Hitachi, Magic Mill, National, Panasonic, Regal, Welbilt, Zojirushi.


    My sensio maker is not spinning just a motor hum. Not sure if it can be repaired or how to recycle this machine

  13. Claudia

    So, what’s up with the manual? I’d like to have it too.

  14. Donna

    does anyone know how to not have the delayed timer go on? Seems like whichever type of bread setting you put it on, it automatically puts in a delayed time and hitting the time – only takes you to an hour. How do you get it to start right away?

  15. Donna

    does anyone know how to turn the delayed timer off so it will start immediately. Seems like hitting the timer – only gets it down to 1 hour at the lowest, not to 0.

    1. Martha Aschim

      See link Francisco provided in 2016. It is for the Sensio 1028. It is the same thing, just different name on the bread maker

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